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Join our esteemed panelists in Milwaukee or virtually to talk about the struggle to protect democracy. The topics include:

  • Protecting our freedoms: Pitched legal battles are underway to protect democracy and the stakes couldn’t be higher for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.
  • Advancing our communities: The battle to protect democracy is important to everyone, but many disadvantaged people and communities are especially vulnerable.
  • Strengthening our democracy: There are many strategies and tactics available in the battle to protect democracy.

Rev. Gregory Lewis, Executive Director, Souls to the Polls Wisconsin
Jeff Timmer, Senior Advisor, The Lincoln Project
Emilio De Torre, Executive Director, Milwaukee Turners

Sam Munger understands how to navigate state politics, and he brings that vast expertise to the aid of grassroots organizations, helping them craft effective messaging and reach the policy outcomes they seek. 

Sam Liebert uses his public policy experience to advocate for ballot access and support for local elections officials. He works to protect democracy by fighting to remove discriminatory barriers to the right to vote.

Sharlen Moore empowers young people, offering space and tools so they can lead the change they want in their lives. When seen, heard and supported, teens become key voices – and eventual voters – in their community.  

Deisy España understands the power of representation, so she advocates for all eligible voters to use that right to improve daily life for all constituents, to speak for those whose voices are often ignored.

LaToya White focuses on strengthening communities by engaging with local partners to meet needs, from food security to youth programs, while teaching advocacy as a means of protecting democracy.

David Carlson sees the positive change in lives when people working toward recovery get relatable and meaningful guidance and support. Restoring hope leads to healthier outcomes and community engagement.

Anita Johnson doesn’t just walk the walk. This longtime voting rights advocate is in a marathon to elevate constituents’ concerns by emphasizing the power each voter has to shape daily life and democracy itself.

Nick Ramos lives and breathes civic engagement. Using his legal and advocacy experience, he helps cut through the confusion of Wisconsin’s strict voter ID law to ensure voters can cast their ballots.

Tiffany Koehler shines light on those in greatest need, summoning her military, political and personal challenges to guide her dedication to improving all lives as a foundational aspect of our democracy.

Intro + Pre-Registration || Moderators + Panelists || Wisconsin Myths vs. Facts

We are co-hosting this event with our partners:
Souls to the Polls, Wisconsin Voices, NextGen America, VoteRiders and Milwaukee Turners

Vote and Take Action: The Wisconsin general election will be held April 4, 2023. For information about voting as a Wisconsin resident, visit To participate in getting out the vote in Wisconsin from anywhere in the U.S., visit