WIsconsin Myths vs. Facts

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The 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, to elect a justice to the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a ten-year term. If you live in Wisconsin, understand your voting rights before you head to the polls.


MYTH #1 – I can’t take time off from work to vote.
FACT – Yes you can! By law, your employer must give you up to three hours to vote on Election Day during polling hours, once you both agree on a time.

MYTH #2 – I have my kids that day, and I can’t bring them into the voting booth with me.
FACT – Yes you can! You may take anyone you choose into the voting booth, whether it’s your kids or someone helping you vote. The only exceptions: You can’t bring an employer or a labor union rep.

MYTH #3 – I don’t have a license to prove I’m me. Isn’t that the only form of ID I can use?
FACT – No it’s not! Many forms of ID are acceptable, including your driver’s license, US passport, Military ID, and more. The DMV provides free photo ID cards.

MYTH #4 – I moved and my ID has a different address than my voter registration. Will they even let me vote?
FACT – Yes they will! Your voter ID address does not matter. Poll workers only use your voter ID to verify your identity. They do not check your address.

MYTH #5 – I forgot to register and it’s Election Day. Isn’t it too late for me?
FACT – No it’s not! As long as you bring acceptable proof of residence and a photo ID, you can register to vote on Election Day, and then vote!

MYTH #6 – The polls are about to close and I’m still in line. Shouldn’t I just go home?
FACT – Absolutely not! While polling hours are 7am-8pm on Election Day, as long as you’re standing in line by 8pm at your polling place, you must be allowed to vote.

MYTH #7 – No hablo ingles, so they won’t let me vote.
FACT – Si! Yes they will! Get a Spanish language ballot from the polling station, municipal clerk or through myvote.wi.gov. Additional language options vary county to county. Your municipal clerk will have the full list.

MYTH #8 – Unless the vote is close, my absentee or mail-in ballot won’t count.
FACT – Every vote counts! Mail-in or absentee ballots are counted on Election Day with the rest of the Election Day ballots.

MYTH #9 – My ballot is confusing, but I’ve heard I can’t use anything to help me, especially in the voting booth.
FACT – Yes you can! Sample ballots are available at the polling station (and from your municipal clerk and online) so you can make your decisions before you even go to the polling station. Even while voting, you can still reach out if you need help; cell phones and other items ARE ALLOWED in the booth on Election Day.

MYTH #10 – I can simply place my absentee or mail-in ballot in a local drop box, can’t I?
FACT – Unfortunately, you can’t, because current law prohibits dropboxes in Wisconsin. To cast your mail-in ballot, return it by mail or in person to the municipal clerk’s office, or drop it off at any early voting site. Note: If you have a disability, you can get help returning your ballot.


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Wisconsin Myths vs. Facts
Vote in Wisconsin? Yes you can! Don’t let these 10 big myths stand between you and your fundamental right!

Intro + Pre-Registration || Moderators + Panelists || Wisconsin Myths vs. Facts

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Vote and Take Action: The Wisconsin general election will be held April 4, 2023. For information about voting as a Wisconsin resident, visit myvote.wi.gov. To participate in getting out the vote in Wisconsin from anywhere in the U.S., visit action.jointheunion.us.