The Union Swing District Project


Our aim is to focus on the 18 House Republicans who won, often narrowly, in districts that Biden won in 2020, and to hold them accountable to the moderate constituents who elected them. Voters in these districts have shown they are not interested in the MAGA madness, and it makes these representatives vulnerable to persuasion by their constituents. 

As Union volunteers who live in these districts, you have the power to write personal letters about real issues affecting you, your family and your community. Even more effective, when you mail — or hand deliver — your letter to a district office, it stands out and begs for a personal response instead of a canned one. This is about building a relationship, which is what we are asking the representatives to do as well.

These House members need to see and feel grassroots pressure that tells them to do the work of the people, not the work of an extreme minority within their Caucus. Each of you can do this by highlighting their responsibility to constituents over participation in Washington political theater.

This outreach project will continue for several months, focusing on specific issues. Our first subject is the debt ceiling. People depend on Social Security. Our military must be paid, and government employees must be paid. This work takes precedence even if it means working things out across the aisle. The alternative is default, which would send waves throughout our economy and throw Americans’ daily lives into needless financial chaos.

The specifics of raising the debt ceiling are not our focus. Rather, our goal is whether these 18 House Republicans in Biden-won districts choose the outcome that protects our democracy — to be honest brokers, not partisan pawns. We want to weaken the extremists’ hold by creating pressure on them for fear of losing too many votes in their districts.

That’s why we ask you to contact your representative. These members of Congress must choose where they stand on this and subsequent critical issues. Your personal stories, your urging of good governance, in your words — these are what make for change.

Find your district below for contact info, specific talking points, and sample letters for your Representative: