43 Alumni for America

Preserving American Democracy

Whether you worked in the earliest days of the 43rd Administration or sprinted to the finish in January 2009, you know a thing or two about serving the grand ideals and exceptional people of our country. Together we saw compassion in action, strength on display and the steady leadership of a true statesman who inspired us to meet some of America’s greatest challenges.

We knew pundits and historians would measure the work we did each day – whether big or small – and that there was a solemn responsibility to do our jobs well on behalf of the American people.

In July 2020, another task stood before us. This one asked many of us to set aside partisanship in service, once again, to a country we love.

Having witnessed far too many days filled with chaos emanating from the highest levels of government, we knew it was time to take a stand.

Former colleagues and friends from both sides of the aisle joined together and began to put our experience to work. As our former boss said, “Leadership to me means duty, honor, country.”

Bound by our shared work experience and a belief in a brighter tomorrow, we endorsed Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President to restore leadership, honor, integrity and empathy to the White House.

Political differences may remain among us, but we look forward to remaining engaged in political debate through civil, honest and robust policy discussions.

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