The Union outreach Project

Protecting our democracy through action on the issues

The Union’s outreach project targets certain Republican representatives by focusing on specific issues of importance to their constituents. Our first subject is the debt ceiling. The government must be able to pay its debts. The alternative is default, which would send shockwaves throughout our economy and throw Americans’ daily lives into needless financial chaos.

Change Comes from Within

Our aim is to urge representatives to fully understand the dire pocketbook effects on their constituents if the debt ceiling is not raised. Voters in these districts have shown that what matters is responsibility to constituents over participation in Washington political theatrics.

Making Your Voice Heard

As Union volunteers who live in these districts, you have the power to write letters and/or make phone calls to your representative about real issues affecting you, your family and your community. Even more effective, when you mail — or hand deliver — your letter to a district office, it will stand out and get more attention.This is about having a constructive dialogue about our nation’s priorities, which is what we are asking the representatives to do as well. 

Putting constituents first

The specifics of raising the debt ceiling are not our focus. Rather, our goal is for the representatives to be honest brokers, not partisan pawns. That’s why we ask you to contact your representative. Your personal stories, your urging of good governance, your words will achieve positive change.

What If I Don’t Live In one of these Districts?

If you live elsewhere, you can still make a difference. Check out how your local area would be affected by a debt ceiling default here:
How would I be affected by a debt ceiling default?
Use that information to contact your member of Congress. Urge them to do the right thing and vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Take Action

Find contact info, specific talking points, and sample letters here:

California District 13
New York District 22