Why The Attacks On Cheney And Kinzinger Matter

An RNC panel unanimously voted to censure the two people left in the GOP House conference who still give a damn about our democracy.

Don’t let the talking heads fool you: This is not complicated. The official GOP position is out there in the open. They are trying to tear our democracy down to stay in power. And they are counting on you to not notice.

What was Cheney’s sin? Kinzinger’s? Only trying to uncover the truth behind the most serious threat to American democracy since the Civil War. They know Trump and the Big Lie are an insidious, existential threat. And to the MAGA-obsessed crazies who have now hijacked the wreckage of the GOP, that’s the ultimate betrayal.

The GOP has given up on the American experiment. Plain and simple. There are no two parties anymore. Trump is quoting Stalin. His cronies are doing far worse.

We have to beat the GOP everywhere to save our democracy.

That starts in places like Texas, where Greg Abbott is content to let his constituents freeze. Florida, where Ron DeSantis is treating the entire state like a COVID petri dish because he’s petrified of a Trump broadside that would end his Presidential dreams.

There is no compromising with this GOP. The days of bipartisanship are over. Don’t just take our word for it. Look at theirs. Their votes. They aren’t bothering to hide it because they are counting on us not to care.

We are launching a broad-based pro-democracy coalition to combat this threat. Anyone and everyone can join. This is not the time to be distracted about the dollar amount on a bill or get sucked into a shouting match on critical race theory. That’s what they want. It won’t win us anything in November.

Most of you reading this have been with the Lincoln Project since we banded together and did everything we could to stop Trump in 2020. He has not gone away, and he will not go away.

Please help us build this pro-democracy coalition now. We need to make sure we can stay in this fight.